Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here's upcoming.

This is the sketch for the next big painting I am working on. It's gonna be pretty sweet. I'm am using a classical compositional layout, which is kind of silly, but it does make for a pleasing composition. Those old masters, and doin' things that work really well, what jokers. The actual drawing is 12"x8", the painting will be 36"x24"

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Work is going to NYC, Baby!

So, this study (posted unfinished earlier, though admittedly still not exactly finished) made it into the Society of Illustrators student exhibition in NYC. It may win a cash prize, but the competition is pretty stiff. Anyway, it means I get a free trip to New York for the awards ceremony, where I will get to meet some pretty big names in the industry, so I'm pretty stoked. I'm on the up and up folks; stay tuned.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

and another thing... the number one threat to america!

alla prima oils on board


So, I am going on a trip to China with the school come May, and I need to make some fat cash to pay for it (around 3000 dollars). So, to any of you that have some extra cash lying around, and would enjoy some early work of a soon to be famous artist, let me know. I am selling most of what I've posted here, as well as a large number of pieces not on the site (I can make a image list for any interested parties), and am also able to take commissions, so let me know if any of that would be an interest to you. You can contact me at Thanks for reading.