Friday, May 27, 2011

Look ma, no eyes!

Too tired paint. Still want draw. Nap draw. Shut eyes. Dream. Move Hand. Make thingies.

I haven't done any blind drawing in a long time. I'm much better at it then I was the last time I tried, but most of these are still real awful.

 totally click it to make it bigger

My favs:

These are probably the best skull and T-Rex drawings I've ever made.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


warning: this one has the swears.

      Sometimes I do things so tremendously stupid that I stare back at them slack-jawed as a thin trail of foamy spittle makes a trail down my chin. For instance, not painting for months. Months. The last time I slung mud was the end of this past December. I've been living in an apartment best described as small. This has limited my opportunity to paint to, um, no opportunities. Unless, of course, I didn't mind a bit of asphyxiation (not even the erotic kind). I finally had enough though, and said, "Well, fuck you brain cells, I don't need you," tossed open my tiny window, and busted out the pallet.

      Goddamn, it feels so good. Orgasmic. I forgot how much I love this thing I do. I went for about five hours without stopping. It was sweet.

(feel free to take that last paragraph out of context)

      Anyway, here are the goods. One is the first couple of passes at a copy of the portrait of Cornelius Van der Geest by Anthony Van Dyck. The other one is the first coat of a picture of a awesome old photo I found online. Nothing says 'Merica like a nine-year-old girl with Old Glory and a Glock. Don't worry, her legs aren't as freakishly stunted as they look in the photo.

Here's the setup: