Friday, July 22, 2011

Hey, I made this yak...

...just for you.

Water-based media is fun sometimes. I don't do much of it, but current studio limitations what they are, it's either that or no painting at all. I think it's good for me, what with the learnin' and all. Sure beats video games.

Here's a detail for your optical nuggets:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wombat Web, round 3

It's time to play another exciting installment Design Matt's Website For Him!
I had a bit of a love affair with the Minuscule font family, but it's over now. I've decided to toss up a few other font flavors, and I need you to help me make up my mind. Minuscule is still very much in the mix, but it is now contested by 9 other champion fonts (none of them are quite as crazy, but they all are good). Let me know which you like best, or if you know of a typeface that would look wicked sweet that I have overlooked, throw it out there; I may have it. If I don't have it, and it's affordable, I may even pick it up! Thanks friends!

Hooray for crowd-sourced design!