Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A (bad?) habit.

I have a habit. I tend to start a lot of paintings, and finish very few. Here is another beginning...

I was looking into some places here in Korea that I could visit, and I came across the island of Ulleungdo, which looks just beautiful. A bit like New Zealand, and I cannot think of a prettier place on the planet than New Zealand. Anyway, I found this picture:

I thought, "Man that's a cool mountain. You know what would make it cooler? If it were more shaped like a wang, and had goats in the foreground." So I made this sketch:

I liked it, but decided I have painted a lot of dicks in my day, and maybe I should tone down the phallic nature of the peak a bit. I came up with this drawing, on MDF:

It is only a start, and I will let you know when I finish the drawing/start on the painting. Here is a close-up of dem sheepies and their shepherd friend:

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