Thursday, August 11, 2011

A level 8 techinque.

I saw this sweet video of Rick O'Brian (whom I deeply respect) sketching with a quill pen, but holding in underhand, like you might a pencil, and I though to myself, "that looks wicked fun." It is. I will definitely be doing more of this. Here are a couple of the quickies I did this evening at a café near my place.

This one is a girl who kept staring at me. Obviously she picked up my pheromones, and couldn't help but notice what a wicked sex machine she was beholding.

And this one is my favorite apocalyptic equestrian enthusiast.

 Edit: Here in the Rick O'Brien video. Obviously way better than what I am doing, but I will beat him one day!

1 comment:

Ryan Brady said...

yyeeaaahhhh buddy! ink is whatsup. haven't tried quill yet... quite buttery, sir.