Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Art auctions.

Hi everyone,

I've started an 'official' Facebook page for my work. You can find it here.

One of the things I will be doing with the page, are bi-daily semi-daily auctions of a piece I make right before I post it. It is an excuse for me to make something quick and fun every couple of days, without any real direction, and perhaps make some money in the process. The first one sold for about ten bucks, so the art can be bought for far less than I would normally sell it. Assuming the bidding doesn't get crazy.

Anywho, the next piece up is this little fella, and the bidding will start at $10. The bidding will end Thursday morning at 3 AM, so jump on it:

8 x 10 inches, roughly.
Watercolor and gouache on
hand-made cold press paper.

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