Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Plea (or: Help my Pa's Pup)

Hi everyone. This is Zola:

     Zola is my dad's dog, and his only companion at home (though she goes with him to work each day as well). Any of you who have met my father know him to be a loving, but generally solitary man, and Zola is - to use the cliché - is his best friend. Zola was acting very strangely yesterday, and my father took her to the vet this morning. Tests were run, and it turned out she had some internal bleeding from an unknown source. She went in for surgery. She had massive bleeding from a number of her organs likely caused by ingestion of rat poison (my father didn't know where she would have picked it up, but it seemed the likely cause considering the rate of blood loss).

     The good news is, the vet was able to find a solution, and - lucky for Zola - a blood transfusion from a great dane that happened to be getting his nails trimmed at that time, and who happened to match her blood-type. She is now recovering, but still in critical condition. The bad news is this: the bills for the tests, procedure, transfusion etc. have run into the thousands of dollars, and my father does not have that sort of money to spare. It mega-sucks.

     I don't know how he plans on addressing this, but I figured I'd try to lesson the burden in whatever way I can. Considering my financial situation is not exactly amazing itself, I hoped I might turn to some of you. Here is what I am proposing: If you, or anyone you know, has seen a piece of art on here (or at my website) that you have thought you would like to own, let me know. I will be selling them at discounted rates, and most of them are available. Or, if you have a commission you'd like to have done, please drop me a line - again, these would be at far lower costs than usual. Alternatively, I've placed a little PayPal donate button below; if you use it, feel free to include a message of something you'd like to have drawn, and I will happily mail you a picture of whatever you can come up with (your mother, a velociraptor attack, your mother being attacked by velociraptors, whatever).

     Please also pass this along to anyone you think might be interested in acquiring some fyne arte while helping a father - and friend - in need.

     Thanks for reading, and for keeping Zola in your thoughts.

- Matt

Thanks again!

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